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Mental health awareness month

This year we focus on those who provide mental health care and social welfare.

Our team and NGO communities have been rocked in the past year by changes beyond our control. Our own traumas and triggers and our own lives. Often we focus on the clients we serve, usually to the detriment of ourselves.

This month I would like my team to focus on their own goals and healing so that they can recharge. Taking time out of our client hours and working within the communities to just find peace.

May we remember that mental health is more than just in the mind. But that it has the power to change your bodies and harm them.Creating a catch-22 whereby our mental health gets worse as our bodies do.

Remember that if you love someone reach out to them. Take the power and apologize, to yourself as well as to those you love. These people are important to your joy and peace. They bring you strength and help your mental health heal.

Remember, you are not alone.

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  1. Awesome reflection and perspective Heather. Thanks for the vision and recommendation of looking at self care too… it’s easy to forget.

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