Learning about Supervision part 2

The Benefits of Peer-Supervision for counsellors By Heather Corringham Psychotherapy Healing Space and StrongStone Haven When thinking of supervision, our PHS supervisors (Dina and Bernadette) love to look at it as a space to learn, grow and help their supervisees grow. They turn Supervision into a time of mutual growth. Supervision groups are founded on […]

Learning about Supervision Part 1

Supervision and Peer-Supervision in the mental health community By Heather Corringham Psychotherapy Healing Space and StrongStone Haven In the world of mental-health practitioners we all understand the necessity of having a formal supervisor. An individual who has more experience and training than us, that can help navigate the murky water that is ethical integrity. Peer […]

Welcome back

In 2023, the world has had its fair share of ups and downs. Psychotherapy Healing Space also faced challenges, one of which was Dina’s temporary departure from work. It was a difficult time for her clients. Dina has shown incredible bravery by openly sharing her struggle on our blog, a first step in her return. […]

South African Chronicles “Gratefulness”

What a pleasure to be back at work. Recently, I held a talk on “Gratefulness” at the Dutch Reformed Church Valhalla in South Africa.  During the talk, it became clear that we cannot talk about gratefulness and thankfulness as individual feelings or thoughts.  Trials and misfortunes lead to deep gratefulness moments.  We may have laughter […]

Monthly Workshop/Debriefing Project

Nurturing Volunteers Supporting Detainees and Refugees By:Craig Anderson Psychotherapy Healing Space had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the Chinese University of Hong Kong on a project aimed at bringing together an often-overlooked group of selfless supporters. The purpose of this initiative was to provide a platform for sharing experiences, fostering personal growth, and enhancing […]

PHS and Chinese University Partnership

Psychotherapy Healing Space had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Raquel Amador, Professor Surabhi Chopra, Dr Gigi Lo and Chloe F on their research project about immigration detention of refugees, migrant domestic workers and victims of trafficking in Hong Kong.  This was done in conjunction with Law faculty at the Chinese University of Hong Kong While the psychological support was […]

Mental health awareness month

This year we focus on those who provide mental health care and social welfare. Our team and NGO communities have been rocked in the past year by changes beyond our control. Our own traumas and triggers and our own lives. Often we focus on the clients we serve, usually to the detriment of ourselves. This […]

Introducing our latest Pro Bono organization

We’d like to introduce our colleague, April Peng’s, pro-bono organization. Sons and Daughters (Hong Kong) Ltd is an anti-human trafficking organization that “helps individuals caught in sexual exploitation reclaim a life of love, family and freedom”. They are looking for pro-bono counselors with a Master’s degree in counseling or clinical psychology to provide services to […]

CIC Workshop

‘Volunteers are an army of kindness, and it is a pleasure to share skills with them whaen a need and chance arises.  Their work with people who struggle, often goes unnoticed and the value of their support often goes without recognition. At Psychotherapy Healing Space, we are building closer ties with this courageous and selfless […]

YAP Mental health workshop

We’d like to shout out to our team member Heather Corringham for the 3 training sessions she held for Justice Center’s Young Ambassadors Program. The Justice centre works within its community to educate students on the laws of Hong Kong and the different ways in which vulnerable people could be helped. This training includes a […]