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Introducing our latest Pro Bono organization

We’d like to introduce our colleague, April Peng’s, pro-bono organization.

Sons and Daughters (Hong Kong) Ltd is an anti-human trafficking organization that “helps individuals caught in sexual exploitation reclaim a life of love, family and freedom”.

They are looking for pro-bono counselors with a Master’s degree in counseling or clinical psychology to provide services to their beneficiaries. If you have a heart for the marginalized or are passionate about counseling and bringing positive change to the lives of individuals in the red-light districts, please submit an application to!

Purpose of the position:

To assist women formerly caught in sexual exploitation to prepare for life after leaving the sex industry through the Sons & Daughters Transition Program.  

Reporting Relationships: 

The Counsellor reports to the Aftercare Manager and receives clinical supervision from the CEO.


Sons & Daughters staff and volunteers (hereafter “personnel”) are expected to maintain appropriate ethical boundaries with beneficiaries all times.

The purpose of setting boundaries is to: 

  • Provide safety when working with the women (both physically and emotionally)
  • Help us recognise our own limits
  • Clarify our roles with the women

The women may not necessarily agree with your boundaries, but your relationship could be better in the end.  Some women may have boundaries themselves, but most will not.  Part of a common survival strategy among women in this industry is the ability to manipulate situations and people to their advantage, and at times this will include you.  Setting clear boundaries in your mind before engaging one-to-one with the women will help you respond more firmly when asked about something you may not feel comfortable with.  Befrienders are always able to tell a woman they need to check with a staff member to discuss a particular situation if needed.

As women engage in a relationship with someone who has clear boundaries yet consistently loves and encourages her, she may be able to better establish her own boundaries in other areas of her life.  

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