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介紹新書內容 – 節錄自《與主相遇 – 公教徒的覺察靜修》新書分享會

教區婚姻與家庭牧民委員會於2023422()假西灣河聖十字架中心舉行《與主相遇 教徒的覺察靜修》新書分享會 (新書譯自:The Mindful Catholic: Finding God One Moment at a Time),這次分享會介紹了新書內容及以信仰為本的覺察靜修練習,並邀請了原作者及修習者作錄像及親身分享,並有即場簡單體驗練習


On the 22nd of April Dr Bernadette Wong took part in a sharing session with The Diocesan Marriage and Family Pastoral Committee. This sharing is in Cantonese.

They were sharing on a new book “Encounter with the Lord – Awareness Retreat for Catholics” by Dr Gregory Bottaro

(translated from: The Mindful Catholic: Finding God One Moment at a Time), this sharing session introduced the content of the new book and the faith-based awareness meditation practice, and invited the original author and practitioners to make a video and share in person, as well as a simple on-the-spot experience exercise.

They discuss how psychology is related to mindfulness and how mindfulness practice can bring one closer to god.

The power of awareness breaks cycles of unwanted / automatic thoughts and emotions that bring us more choice and see in clarity how to make better choices for self, in the presence of god.

Please watch her talk about this, you can hear from her  at 7mins.25seconds.

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