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We all need some validation

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Today is one of the bad days.

All I’ve been able to do today is eat. I have seemingly developed the mother of all appetites.

Just what I need, another problem. But this one is for another day. I’ll deal with it when all my clothes no longer fit me…

My brain registers that I’m in therapy and that I really am doing all of the “right” things to get better.

Then days like today roll by and I can’t help but wonder if I’m really making any progress…but the team looking after me is so certain that I am.

So all I can do is have a little faith, trust them and keep moving forward.

At this point, I have nothing left to lose but plenty to gain.

It does help to surround yourself with people who understand and are in a position to guide and support. It may be family, friends that become family, or, like in my case…a team of people.

For too long, I was surrounded by people who didn’t understand.

And after years I started to feel like I was making it all up. I was beginning to question my own sanity….

What if the pain I was feeling wasn’t there?

What if my daily struggle wasn’t real?

What if I just wanted attention?

It’s a horrible place to be in- when you doubt yourself…

Thankfully, I met a bunch of people who understood and were willing to walk this journey with me.

A doctor, a kinesiologist, a reiki master (among other things), a dear friend, my incredible partner and a spiritual mentor make up my team.

Find your own team- even if it’s just made up of one person.

You truly don’t have to do this alone.

You are never as alone as you feel,

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