A step to recovery for this Food addict

Obese, fat, no hope for you, a disgrace, immature withno self-discipline – these were words and phrases that I was  called by healthprofessionals.   Pig, fatty, oink-oink, elephant, not welcome,hippopotamus, bus, does not belong here – these were words and phrases that Iwas called by peers and colleagues ever since school.   With dismayed looks, […]

Living with an eating disorder and other disabilities.

“Compulsive overeating is a permanent disability. We do not look forward to becoming normal eaters at some point in the future. Until we accept the fact that our illness is irreversible, we do not learn how to control it.” Quoted from the app Food for Thought. Quoted from the app Food for Thought. My disability […]

South African Chronicles “Gratefulness”

What a pleasure to be back at work. Recently, I held a talk on “Gratefulness” at the Dutch Reformed Church Valhalla in South Africa.  During the talk, it became clear that we cannot talk about gratefulness and thankfulness as individual feelings or thoughts.  Trials and misfortunes lead to deep gratefulness moments.  We may have laughter […]

The PHS Story

Psychotherapy healing Space-Our story of friendship and the love of healing I met Bernadette twelve years ago in the PsyD class. As we started talking and sharing and studying together, a bond grew between us.  I needed to stop my studies because of health problems, but we kept on seeing each other and our friendship […]