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Introducing: You’re never as alone as you feel.

Sitting at a booth of a quirky little coffee shop, sipping on decadent mug of hot chocolate with cream (i really shouldn’t but I am LOL), I feel
exactly how I thought I would feel as I write my first official post.

I can’t help but miss the pre-covid days- almost as if I functioned better. The truth is that I’ve been battling for a long long time.

At times, i feel like the world’s biggest (literally) misfit. And then, I think
about just how many times people have used that word and I realize that

I am not all that alone…

There are so many things that I do not have control over, but I can choose to be happier. I do not always make this choice though, in fact I rarely feel like I have the energy to stand upright let alone muster an entire emotion. These are the days I choose to stay in bed, stuff my face and hide away from the world.

I’m learning that it’s also okay to do that sometimes.

Today by starting this journey, I am choosing to try. I am choosing to share my struggles, gains and losses with anyone who may be going
through something similar.

My goal is two-fold, to vent and to share with the hopes of encouraging someone, making someone smile, or even aid in procrastination (guilty as charged!).

Who am I? I am the daughter of The King.

I am also a 28 year-old junior doctor.

I am a girl.

The girl who wears black too often.

The girl with a weight problem.

The girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.

The girl who looks a little scruffy sometimes (in my defense I always

smell good).

The girl who laughs a little too loudly.

The girl who cries a bit too much.

The girl who is always stressing about something.

I am all those people and I am about to share my journey with you, if you will let me.

My onwards journey, my ups, my downs and everything in between.

You’re never as alone as you feel,

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  1. Hallo Shirley, thought i recognized your face, glad to see you are doing well!
    Love to get in touch.
    Ms Bester
    The British Academy

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