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Meet our Founders


Bernadette is our clinical psychologist.

She is Chinese Canadian which means that she is perfect for anyone struggling with cultural confusion, and more importantly, she is able to understand some of the more nuanced cultural aspects that many of our Hong Kong Chinese clients are struggling with.

Bernadette offers both online and in-person sessions. She is a mom who somehow manages to juggle all the work that she does while running her practice and helping any one of us counselors who needs advice. She has a warm heart and does a lot of pro-bono work, while also ensuring that we all remember to know our worth so that we can earn a living doing what we love.

We love that she is open about the difficulties that surround being a mom and a professional in her field. She is a realistic supermom.



Dina Chamberlain

Dina our Senior Psychologist.

We like to look at Dina as the roots and foundation of PHS. She may not be in Hong Kong all the time, but her presence is felt throughout. As a South African who has lived in Hong Kong for more than 15 years, she brings an eclectic knowledge of multiple African cultures as well as an understanding of what it is to be a foreigner in Hong Kong.

Dina only does online sessions now, yet somehow the warmth and life that she exudes do not make it feel like she is on a screen. Dina is a pro at pro-bono work and ensures that all those in PHS have a heart for giving. She holds all clients and counsellors accountable and sets a high standard.

We love that Dina understands chronic pain and the mental health toll it takes on a person.

She definitely embodies the roots of a great organization.

Thank you to Both Dina and Bernadette for bringing such an eclectic group of psychotherapists and coaches together.

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